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Superfast West Yorkshire and York Phase 2 will continue to improve both access and take-up of superfast broadband across West Yorkshire and York. We are aiming for >98% coverage by the end of June 2018.

Our overall objective is to ensure that more residents and businesses can access fibre optic broadband and make use of faster speeds and reliable connection for both social and economic benefit. The purpose of this website is to keep you informed about the progress on the rollout of fibre within the intervention area. 

The Superfast West Yorkshire and York Local Broadband Programme is funded by the five West Yorkshire authorities of Calderdale, Wakefield, Kirklees, Bradford and Leeds, by the City of York Council, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and we have secured £7.3m funding from the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 England Operational Programme (ERDF). For background information on the project, click here.