Enjoy the benefits of fibre broadband in your home or business

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Check your cabinet has been enabled 

The Openreach "When can I get fibre" checker will tell you the status of progress for the cabinet that you are connected to, if fibre isn't available to you yet, please register your interest with us and we will let you know by email when the next cabinet in your area goes live. You can also find updates on the Live Cabinet and News pages of our website.

Contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to place an order

The switch to fibre broadband is not automatic. To access the new service contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you don't currently have a contract with an ISP then we'd suggest you check out the price comparison websites accredited by Ofcom. Using an impartial price comparison website will enable you to select a broadband package that suits your needs.

Please be aware that not all providers choose to offer a service. For example, you may find that very few suppliers offer an Ultrafast fibre service directly to your home or business (FTTP).

Look out for our Superfast Broadband sticker on all new cabinets. A sticker indicates that a cabinet has passed the final commissioning stage and is ready to take orders from communication providers. 

It's not just about faster internet speeds!

Getting fibre broadband installed is not all about faster internet speeds, there are a whole host of benefits which come with this technology.

It's affordable
Fibre broadband shouldn’t cost much more than standard broadband and you can choose between different internet providers.  

Work remotely
It’s not just faster downloading of files and movies, but upload speeds are significantly improved too. Work from home or on the go with the same efficiency.

Stream films and TV shows, play games or download music
Stream the latest HD movies or catch up on your favourite TV instantly. Download music to your device in just a few seconds, whilst other people are surfing the net or playing games.

Connect with family members and suppliers  
Keep in touch with friends and family wherever they are with seamless webcam chats, SKYPE or sharing of video and photos. Connect with customers and suppliers quicker and in new ways, e.g. through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony and video conferencing.

Make use of Cloud computing
Take advantage of hosted applications, such as instant data backups, to reduce equipment, software and licensing costs.

We don’t guarantee that every business or home in your area will be able to access superfast speeds. Why might this happen? A postcode can cover a wide area that may not accurately reflect the local infrastructure.

Take a look at some of the other projects underway in West Yorkshire and York which are helping to future proof connectivity for the region

Connectivity Voucher
If you are planning to upgrade your digital connectivity to improve broadband speeds, you’ll be interested to hear that your business can now apply for the new Digital Enterprise Connectivity Voucher. Worth £1000 to eligible businesses, the voucher can be used in full or part payment to cover the cost of your broadband upgrade. Read more

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme
If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may be able to get a grant of up to £3,000 to upgrade your business broadband to a Gigabit capable connection. Read more





Availability Checkers

Want to know how you can upgrade to Superfast fibre broadband? The Fibre Guys will show you how

The benefits of superfast broadband