Find out more about the benefits of superfast fibre broadband

Get superfast fibre broadband

We are bringing superfast fibre broadband to homes and businesses across West Yorkshire and York. Below is more information about how you can switch to a faster internet service.

If you are interested in getting superfast fibre broadband for your home, there are few simple steps you can follow;

  • Check if your area has access to superfast fibre broadband by entering your postcode and telephone number into our price and availability checker on the right hand side of the page.
  • If our checker reveals you currently do not have access to superfast fibre broadband please register you interest for faster broadband here. 
  • If the checker indicates that you have access to superfast broadband, then you can click through to one of the deals and order superfast broadband or alternatively contact your chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP). We will not automatically upgrade you to superfast broadband. We have more information on ISPs on the right hand side of this page.
  • Start enjoying superfast broadband today.

Look out for new cabinets and our superfast stickers appearing in your area. This is a sign your area is enabled and you can enquire about superfast fibre broadband. 

What does superfast fibre broadband mean for me?

Getting superfast fibre broadband installed is not just about getting quicker internet browsing speeds, there are a whole host of benefits which come with this technology. 

Do more online at the same timebuffering will be a thing of the past.

From shopping to homework and keeping in touch, superfast broadband is making it easier for your family to stay connected.

Working from home 

It’s not just faster downloading of files and movies, but upload speeds are significantly improved too.

Stream films and TV shows, play games or download music 

Stream the latest HD movies or catch up on your favourite TV instantly. Download music to your device in just a few seconds, whilst other people are surfing the net or playing games.

Stay in touch with friends and family 

Keep in touch with family wherever they are with seamless webcam chats, SKYPE or sharing of video and photos.


Superfast fibre broadband shouldn’t cost much more than standard broadband and you can choose between different internet providers.